Confronting Cardew

A collaboration with improvisors Cath Roberts (baritone sax), Anton Hunter (electric guitar), Gemma Bass (violin), Gary Farr (trumpet), Tullis Rennie (sound composition) and Cornelius Cardew (score).

Excerpt recordings from New Music North West festival at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, January 2016.

  • Categories: Composition / Improvisation / Remix
  • Client: with The Vonnegut Collective
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  • Confronting Cardew: we delved into the psyche of Cornelius Cardew, searching for his essence and motivations. We asked what his musical legacy means to us, and to an audience, now. Sounds were taken from new rehearsal-recordings of Cardew's 'Autumn 60', made by members of the collective.
  • Vonnegut Collective: a Manchester-based chamber ensemble making new music relevant and accessible through improvisation and innovative collaborations.