Selarón: A Great Madness

An augmented sound walk in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Categories: Composition
  • Jorge Selarón: Chilean painter and ceramist, who settled in the centre of Rio de Janeiro in the 1980s. He is perhaps best know for his work which decorated a set of 215 steps connecting the neighbourhoods of Lapa and Santa Teresa. The work was declared a city landmark in 2005 and featured in the bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
  • A Great Madness: Whilst the process of working on the stairs took over 20 years, Selarón said “I will only complete this crazy and original dream on the last day of my life”. The artist was found dead near his home at the side of the "Escadaria Selarón" on January 10 2013, aged 65. This augmented sound walk revisits the site and hears stories that surround the artist, his work and his death.