Shadows of Casken

for solo violin, recorded voice and improvising ensemble

Gemma Bass – Violin
Gary Farr – Trumpet
Anton Hunter – Guitar
Tullis Rennie – Live Electronics
Graham South – Trumpet

Vonnegut Collective recorded live in concert at Peel Hall, Salford on 28th Sept 2015, as part of BBC Philharmonic ‘Chamber Music Mondays’ series.

  • Categories: Composition / Improvisation / Remix
  • Client: for The Vonnegut Collective
  • URL:
  • Shadows Of Casken: this piece began by asking Gemma to describe her favourite moments in Shadowed Pieces by John Casken. Her chosen moments are ‘sampled’ in five short movements. The violinist is asked to improvise around the selected musical cells. Meanwhile the improvising ensemble ‘shadow’ the violin - following the shapes and contours of a graphic score resembling shadows.
  • Thanks: to the Vonnegut Collective for asking me to work with them, to Gemma for her efforts in developing the piece, and to John for allowing us to respond to his beautiful music.