‘Sound Stories’ Review

I recently presented an hour-long concert at City, University of London, featuring multi-channel diffusion of some recent compositions and a live improvised solo set. Sam Pryce at The Cusp Magazine kindly reviewed it.

“With his unique combination of experimental electronics, improvisation and field recording, Rennie’s music seems to reach towards a hyper-realist kind of ambient. His pieces are sensitive to the importance of noticing sound, however subtle, and its evocative qualities. Vividly atmospheric, they plunge you in the moment, listening carefully to the world around you.”

Read the full review here.


Tullis Rennie – Carioca Sound Stories (audio-visual)
Tullis Rennie – Muscle Memory (multichannel diffusion)
Tullis Rennie – Snapshots (live electronics)
Isobel Anderson & Tullis Rennie – Getting Lost (stereo diffusion, world premiere)