Walls On Walls

Site-specific audiovisual artworks exploring architecture, history and local culture. Process, collaboration and community focused.

People make up a community as much as the buildings they inhabit. How does one influence the other? How do old and new contrast and collide in a rapidly redeveloping city landscape?

This ongoing project celebrates the rich history and evolving identity of specific communities and their relationships with their local environment. The artistic collaboration creates individual works which reflect how the old and the new co-exist in the neighbourhoods we live and work.

Please visit Walls On Walls project website for more details.


  • Categories: Audio/Visual / Composition / Field Recording
  • URL: http://www.wallsonwalls.co.uk
  • WALLS ON WALLS: an audio visual collaboration created by Laurie Nouchka and Tullis Rennie.
  • PROCESS: Using local historic walls and community oral history as starting points, the project replicates patterns, colours and textures through painting and sound and records the stories found in the old walls of each location, archiving and re-contextualising the local environment and its history in the new work. Walls on Walls encourages everyone to look, listen and absorb their surroundings with fresh eyes and ears, and to consider the historic beauty and rich history hidden in the everyday details of our local environment.